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 This website is dedicated to the men and women in, and veterans of, the United States Armed Forces who give their all to preserve the freedoms that those living in the USA tend to take for granted. 

Here is some interesting information about the branches of the US Military.


The Army was founded by the Continental Congress on 14 June, 1775. 

On 15 June, 1775, George Washington was unanimously chosen as the first Commander in Chief.

The US Army now has 60 bases in the US and more than a dozen in other areas around the world.   There are  currently 700,000 active duty soldiers.


The Navy was established by the Continental Congress on 13 October 1775.

The Navy was disbanded after the Revolution, but was reestablished by the Constitution in 1789.

The Navy Medical Corps was established 3 March 1871.

The Navy Seals were established 1 January 1962.

The Navy currently has approximately 343,500 sailors on active duty, with 276 ships and more than 4000 aircraft.


The Marine Corps was originally formed as naval infantry, by the Continental Congress on 10 November 1775.

The Marine Corps has approximately 180,000 active duty personnel and 40,000 reserves.


The Air Force is the newbie of the military, having been established on 18 September, 1947 by the National Security Act.   It had previously been the Army Air Corps.

The United States of America has the largest Air Force in the world.  The UASF maintains over 6,000 aircraft, with 351,800 active duty personnel.


The Coast Guard is the smallest branch of the US military.  It was established to maintain maritime law on 28 January 1915.  It originally came under the Department of Defense, but on 2 February 2003 the Coast Guard was placed under the department of Homeland Security, reacting to the terrorist attacks on September 11.

The Coast Guard has 39,000 active duty personnel, and 8,100 reserves.